Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Why Blogger?
I apologize in advance to whoever bookmarks this as I am not sure I am going to keep Blogger. It was really easy to setup, and received highest marks from CNET, but seems to be very, very basic. I also tried out Radio UserLand, which seemed quite a bit more powerful, but also quite a bit more intrusive and top heavy. I really liked their XML integration with other news sources, and ability to comment on posts. Knowing who links to your blog was nice too. I might end up using it after all, but having to pay is less than attractive, and I am not sure I have anything so interesting to say to the wider world that advanced editing and news gathering services would be required and extra cost justified.
Anyway. I am hoping to use this as an easy to follow a diorama of my reading, watching, whining, and photograph posting. I have a strong feeling that the latter will take up most of the blog. If so, I might create a separate one. Of course, then I would need to move it to templar, but since blogger requires FTP, I am not sure how it would work. Ideas?


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