Wednesday, April 30, 2003

I am sitting alone in the middle of a 50,000 sq ft (at least) warehouse
and laughing outloud. Sure, Queen is chiming in from the tinny speakers
about someone going slightly mad, but that cannot be it. My name is not
Rand Al'Thor [I am such a geek]. Ah - finally -- the reason.

Page 24.

"Connection to repository may be fatal in a few instances. "

Indeed, I think it may be.

Problem -- users might get upset if they percieve that our app kills
them. I mean they continue smoking and all, but are unlikely to add
another possibly lethal ingridient to their surroundings. Besides, some
of them might be kids and I am not qualified to talk to kids abot death.

Solution -- cross out the fatal part. "Sometimes bad things happen to
good connections"

Problem solved.


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