Thursday, September 08, 2005

Who Has Time For This?: The Best Startup Advice I Have

Who Has Time For This?: The Best Startup Advice I Have: "Likewise, technology companies shouldn't expect to sell their 1.0 product without undergoing a learning curve around the needed feature set, the competitive response, the right type of channel and sales rep, optimal pricing, etc. And yet, nearly every business plan I have seen shifts gears directly from Development to Sales, staffed by a growing number of experienced sales reps charged to sell their regular quota of product. "

read the whole thing. I often am not in total agreement with Mr. Cowan, but in this case I would be foolish to disagree. Underestimating the difficulty of making the first sale, or the second; the amount of time it will take and resources to achieve is a classic mistake. Often we do not hear about this problem because it hides under the guise of "and then our company ran out of money." Duh.


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