Thursday, August 18, 2005

book review - Blood Meridian : Or the Evening Redness in the West

figured I will repost my review on amazon here.

Hard to read or to forget

This is certainly a special book. It is the first Mccarthy book I have read, and it certainly made my eyes open wide. His style is very deliberate, slow storytelling - perfectly matched to the scenery and pace of the protagonists. The lack of first names, deliberate obfuscation of most character's origins and motives make this a very strange book. A saga and an epic, in a slim volume. If I use "deliberate" a lot in this review it is because the book is clearly crafted by a master. One who understands what he wants to say, and has the talent and mastery of the language - words, rhythms, cadence, and punctuation - to bring it alive.

That said, this is not an easy read - at least it was not for me. Sometimes I have felt like I was traveling through a similar landscape to that of SouthWest - hard journey with dazzling views along the way.


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