Monday, July 25, 2005

it's new to you

if you did not know it, it's new to you. Found this interesting tidbit online today:

"One of the nice things about GMail is that you can send an email to yourself and add on a “qualifier” after the email name. That is, if your email address is, you can send yourself email like The +todo is what I call the “qualifier” and, despite its addition, your email will get delivered as normal. The benefit of this is that you can create a filter that looks for incoming messages addresses to and have them automatically labeled and archived, thereby bypassing your Inbox. With GMail the TODO list is readily accessible from any online machine and can be quickly searched. And when I finish the TODO task, I simply delete the email from GMail."

For the record, I keep my TODO lists in a mindmap file creating with MindManager.
While this does not cover the issues of accessability over email, it does let me organize things quite nicely.


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