Sunday, May 15, 2005

SURTEX - Day 1

For the next three days I am helping J. at the SURTEX trade show in NYC. Today I am blogging from my blackberry, so I do not think I will be providing any hyperlinks with the posts.

So what is SURTEX? It is a surface design show, occuring at the same time as the stationary trade show, and this year, the internationall furniture show. We have a booth. A small one, way out of the way of any potential customers. No danger of them coming upon us here. Our booth is fairly sparsely decorated. The manual for the show made much of the fire marshal who will burn on the spot anthing not made of some special fire-resistant material. An issue at a show where most materials are paper, cloth, or a mix of the two.

It is now 9:45am, and first intrepid buyers are confidently walking briskly past our booth. Fellow exhibitors are much nicer - they wait to smirk until they are almost out of my view.

More updates throughout the day.


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