Thursday, May 26, 2005

Master & Margarita

From Master & Margarita,
a nice exchange, much much better in original russian that this translation (from here):

'What is your command, messire? ' Faggot asked the masked professor.

'Well, now,' replied the magician reflectively. ' They're people like
any others. They're over-fond of money, but then they always were . . .
Humankind loves money, no matter if it's made of leather, paper, bronze or
gold. They're thoughtless, of course . . . but then they sometimes feel
compassion too .... they're ordinary people, in fact they remind me very
much of their predecessors, except that the housing shortage has soured them
. . .' And he shouted the order : ' Put back his head.'

[emphasis mine]
in russian, from here


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