Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Walking without a watch

What hold bad swiss-instilled habits have on us. I took of my watch and decided to take a walk through downtown. A few things became immediately apparent. One is that I am old and getting older. Another is that I cannot take a 20 minute stroll without looking at my wrist, where the watch usually is, every few minutes. Since I did not have a watch I can only average the numbers, but I did try to look 7 times. Seven (7) times! Ridiculous.

Onto the obvious observation that I am old. I am sure there is a list floating around the Internet somewhere of the "You know you are old" variety. And if there is one, I am sure it has, "... when you see skateboarders on Broadway at 5:30PM and your first thought is to call police and complain." What is even more telling is when you do not have a seocnd thought on the subject. At least not without thinking and active sorting of alternative thoughts. Still, what would possess people to skateboard in any numbers on Broadway at 5:30PM. They are jumping the 3 steps in front of the former Cunard Lines building


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