Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Tools - Mind Maps as a Software Design Tool

In a short article Mike Gunderloy talks about light and easy tools for requirements gathering and brainstorming. In particular, he mentions MindManager product as a useful tool. I could not agree more. Most of the brainstorming, agenda-creating, and multi-task tracking I have to do I process through this tool. Whenever I have to think of a new module for my product - I first turn to Mindmap to sketch out the contours, then onto Jude UML to work out use cases and basic model outlines.

I would not mind if MindManager had a UML extension for creating use cases and some simple class, sequence, and activity diagrams. While that is not what the product is about, it would make it rather suitable for purposes I use it for -- quick software module prototyping and brainstorming.


At 4:25 PM, Anonymous Hobie Swan said...

Re: The UML extension. We built MindManager with a very open API to encourage others to develop add ins to our application. You are not the first person to suggest that we create such a thing. And while you are probably right that we ourselves won't be able to do it, someone else surely could! To see some of the other add ins people have created for MindManager, just go to http://www.mindjet.com/us/products/add_ins/index.php?s=2&sn=5.

Glad you like our software!
Hobie Swan


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