Monday, February 14, 2005

How long before this ends up on eBay?

DPReview reports:
Canon Japan has this morning sprung a surprise on everyone with the announcement (in Japan only so far) of the EOS 20Da. This specialized version of the EOS 20D appears to be identical except for the removal of the 'hot mirror', the filter in most digital cameras which removes the InfraRed part of the spectrum. This camera would be especially suited to astrophotography as well as InfraRed photography, in use as a 'normal camera' it would probably require an external IR cut filter on the lens. In addition the camera has a partially transmissive mirror which enables live focusing on the LCD monitor.

When I looked for my current camera some digital cameras were sold as "see-through clothes" cameras, because of the IR capability built into the night-vision mode. I do not think it is going to take very long to get that type of ads to show up on eBay with this new Canon. I can just the pitch:

"illegal in US and Canada, the long-awaited xray-vision camera from the country that brought you walkman and manga."


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