Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Following some of the weblogs I read, here is a sample of articles I found interesting today:

A funny ad on craigslist

play part of officaint,my wife and i are already married.(6 months) family don't know about it,so we want to do the wedding over,we are looking for a good actor to do this.this will take place in a hall.will take up maybe one hour of your is good,will pay $100 an hour,will give min. of 2 hours pay,plus travel time, can do interview over phone or in person. contact Larry

A pair of interesting New Republic Online articles: "The Ends" by Leon Wieseltier and "The Revolution Will Not Be Computerized" by Paul Boutin

A strange article from CNET titled: Spyware infiltrates blogs which claims that:

Hackers are using blogs to infect computers with spyware, exposing serious security flaws in self-publishing tools used by millions of people on the Web.

The main thrust of the article is to commingle what experts rightly say:

"...malicious programmers can use JavaScript and ActiveX to automatically deliver spyware from a blog to people who visit the site with a vulnerable Web browser."

with the fact that since weblogs are webpages they are just as good of a delivery mechanism as any other webpage. I do like the new [for me] feature of "context" that summarizes the "news" part of the story and the "bottom line" (the impact of what's "new", I imagine). The more interesting part seems added as an afterthought:

Visitors to Blogger's network have complained that they were exposed to infected sites when they used the "Next Blog" link.

There is not much made out of this, and no follow up is offerred. How many people were infected? Did someone create blogs with infectious code on purpose? Are there widely-used tools out there that are infected? That would actually be useful to know, but I guess we have to settle for a short dose of IE-bashing and quietly return to our rooms.

An interesting story titled "Creatures Frozen for 32,000 Years Still Alive. If this is not more sci-fi channel plot lines revealed in real life, I do not know what is. Do we really want to revive an alien life-form that survived for millions of years? I am not sure.

And finally, BBC tells me that on one hand "The world is now in the gravest possible danger of a human flu pandemic triggered by the [bird flu] virus" and on another "An outbreak of what tests suggest is pneumonic plague has spread to a second town in the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to a medical charity". C'mon guys - take your pick. Is it going to be the repeat of the 1918 Flu or 14th century black death. Where can I find the bookmaker's odds on this?


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