Wednesday, January 26, 2005

On missing someone

I miss my grandmother whenever I have time for a telephone call and noone in particular to call.

The routine of going to her apartment whenever I came back from a trip and waiting for her to say, "Tell me from the beginning. So, you got to the airport..."

Long arguments regarding some important or irrelevant front-page subject where I would try dispel the notions she has held since Stalin was alive - often out of pure contrarily feeling on my part. I would argue and rant; prove unambiguously the righteousness of whatever side I chose; and after she finally capitulated with her trademarked, "maybe you are right and I am just old and do not quite understand these modern things" be sure that tomorrow she will forget the agreement and return to her old opinions.

But now there is no tomorrow, or trips to her apartment. And so I cannot tell her of my trip to Vienna, or St.Petersburg. Of going to see a play, or what A. said today.

I'm all verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves.


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