Friday, January 28, 2005

Interesting viewpoint - My IPod, My Self

From Wired News: My IPod, My Self:

"IPod and user form a cybernetic unit," said Giesler. "We're always talking about cyborgs in the context of cultural theory and sci-fi literature, but this is an excellent example that they're out there in the marketplace.... I have seen the future, and it is called the cyborg consumer."

The cyborg consumer, Giesler said, is one that uses several different technologies -- from cell phones to Viagra -- and is highly connected, technically and socially.
Giesler argues that technological products like the iPod allow consumers to become "technotranscendent." Consumers transcend the here and now through the use of technology, like kids playing video games.

"They're not sitting in front of the TV, they're inside the game," said Giesler. "They're technotranscendent. They have transcended their existence in front of the TV through the technology of the game."

I do not think this is anything really new, except a vocabulary designed to tittilate a cultural studies professor. People also name cars, airplanes, streets, trees, and computers. The book of Genesis is pretty clear on just how much man needs and likes to name things. Call it fear of abandonment or "technotranscendence"....

Still, read the thing, it is worth 5 minutes.


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