Thursday, January 13, 2005

Interesting eBay competitor

Friend forwarded information about this company - a hybrid of and
PrizeWise is a coupon retailer that allows its users to participate in an online trading platform similar to eBay. The difference is that prizeWise users attempt to win the items posted on the site in sweepstakes-style auctions instead of bidding on them. See "The Buying and Selling Process" below for specific details. If you are someone who enjoys buying and selling on eBay, prizeWise is for you. If you are someone who enjoys winning valuable items and saving hundreds with countless merchants, prizeWise is for you. PrizeWise is for everyone (see Official Rules for eligibility restrictions).

The rest of the writing is even more dense, but it seems to boil down to the fact the users will get coupons/lottery tickets by buying merchandize at participating sites, and sellers would get paid by those merchants. I cannot imagine this is going to do well, but I am still impressed with the enterprising imagination of people who came up with this idea...


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