Thursday, January 20, 2005

"follow us into the future..."

An ad on the side of an MTA bus in New York said:
"Follow us into the future of Medicare"

I did not quite understand the point. There are always at least two dimensions to any social program - as it related to money and to people. Medicare's future does not relate well to money. Or at least to having money. Medicare is expected to have a multi-trillion dollar shortfall within the lifespan of the Generation X. What one would gain by following someone, anyone, into the fture of Medicare in financial sene is beyond me.

Personal interpretation of the statement is even more morbid. People who get Medicare are retirees. People who use Medicare - since not all doctors accept it - are the less wealthy, or plain poor, of the retirees. Their future might hold many wonderful moments with their great-grandchildren, but does not exactly promise an infinite number of tomorrows. Where one would follow people 65 years and older into the future escapes me.

Just a strange ad I am sure I misunderstand completely.


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