Tuesday, January 04, 2005

conversations: bus driver

Background: There are a few bus routes I can take home from work. Almost all of them stop on the bus stop right in front of my office, but one is about a hundred yeards farther down the street. I have bad eyesight, so I only see which bus it is when it reaches the first stop. If I need to - I sprint. I am a bad runner, but usually make it in time to catch the bus on the farther bus stop. So far so good. For atmosphere, imagine a cold and rainy evening during New York winter. December 31st.

Me: huffing and puffing after sprinting for the bus in dress shoes with 3 bags hanging from my shoulders, wrists, and neck. Triumphantly swiping my MetroCard under bus driver's disapproving gaze.

Driver: We do not like when people run to catch the bus.

Me: Sorry. It is a weekend schedule today. I would have to wait another 30 minutes for the other bus.

Driver: Still, we do not like it.

[Here I assumed the problem is that it might be dangerous for a person to run, slip, and fall. Or something humane like that]

Me: Sorry. Should I wait in the cold on Dec. 31st instead of running a few yards?

Driver: Well, it is just that you are waiting for the other bus, not this bus, so it is not nice...

Me: Ok. Sorry.

I really did not know what else to say. Pointless, yet unsatisfying.


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