Friday, December 10, 2004

Photo note: I do not understand the magic.

What exactly is the magic described in this NYT article:

"The camera, called the R-1 (R for Ross), looks oddly rigged, like something out of Dr. Seuss, and almost like an antique viewfinder camera on legs. In fact, Mr. Ross pulls a cloth over his head and the back of his contraption when he takes a picture. But with this camera that he concocted out of 60-year-old camera parts, mirrors, a microscope and other items - none of them digital - Mr. Ross has taken photographs on 9-by-18-inch negatives that when slowly processed by hand and digitally scanned contain 100 times as much data as the average professional digital camera.

For example, in the mountain photographs that Mr. Ross took in Colorado - of Mount Sopris, near Carbondale - shingles on a barn appear in sharp focus 4,000 feet from the camera, as does a tree on a ridge four miles away. "

I guess I am not sure what is special about the camera - 9x18 is 162 square inches (162 (sq inches) = 1 045.1592 sq centimeters). D70/D100 Sensor is Regular digital camera has a sensor the size of 3.6972 sq centimers (23.7 x 15.6 mm) that means his camera should, technically produce 282 times the resolution, given imperfections in lenses, etc, I can see how this is 100 times the resolution -- but what of it? Is not this just taking a really large format camera and then scanning the result really well? What is the special part of it?

I just do not get it.


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