Monday, December 06, 2004

gambling with lasers

very cool ploy reported by BBC.

"A laser scanner linked to a computer was allegedly used to gauge numbers likely to come up on the roulette wheel.
They allegedly used the scanner to judge the speed of the ball on the roulette wheel and hence the number most likely to come up.

The paper reports the gamblers were able to do the calculations swiftly enough to place their bets as required before the roulette wheel has gone round three times. "

The russian version of the article says the laser was built into a cell phone. Very neat.

One of the reasons this seems like a good con to me, is that it does not really rely on luck, specifics of a particular table, conning of the casino personnel, or anything else. The action was easy to rehearse and test in private, or with small amount of money placed in other casinos. Engineering at its best, IMO.


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testing comments.


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