Friday, November 05, 2004

Clay Shirky: a new post

I subscribe to Shirky's mailing, but usually feel strongly enough about his essay to recommend them to many other people. This is one of the longer essays, and I am still parsing through a lot of it. Nevertheless, I am going to recommend this essay, as well as some of the other things in his mailing, such as:

- Fred Wilson's Open Source conversion

There was an amazing thread on Fred Wilson's blog, spread out over a
week in early October, related to his outlook on the tech industry
after installing Firefox.

First, tries Firefox, on the recommendation of another VC.

Then he says "Interesting, but not such a big deal."">Interesting,

Then, on getting some clue from a blog reader about tabbed browsing,
he says "Interesting, and maybe a big deal."

Then he groks Open Source as a consumer phenomenon.

Then he sells all his Microsoft stock.

Then he defends that decision, predicting a tidal wave of community
driven software development.

And the remarkable thing about seeing it blog format is that he never
tells the whole story of his conversion in a coherent, retrospective
way. you just see it unfold as he did.

I strongly recommend subscribing to his mailing list. It is not a lot of mail -- one essay every few months, but it is usually worth the wait.


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