Thursday, November 04, 2004

Another 8 electoral votes

According to US Census, there is a congressman per every (on average) 651,000 people. Electoral votes are distributed on the Congressman+Senator formula. With population of 3,808,610, Puerto Rico would get 8 electoral votes. I would imagine that Puerto Rico would also vote solidly Democratic, which may not change the outcome of this Presidential election, but certainly affect the balance of forces in the Senate, and to lesser extent in the House of Representatives. Given how many people of Puerto Rican descent live throughout the rest of the United States, and many of them in contested industrial states - perhaps a marginally greater turnout of them could have affected Ohio, and make other states less competitive, allowing Democrats to spend more effort on other battleground states.

The issue of Puerto Rico becoming a new state has been raised before. I wonder if this is something Democrats should try pushing before 2008.


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