Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Uploading pictures to blogspot weblogs

I was finally able to get picasa hello program to work by using advice from this forum thread:
If you have been unable to login to Hello because you receive the message that "a network error has occurred", we have a beta build that may help.
This version of Hello has improved abilities to get through firewalls, better error reporting, and should work over a proxy server.

Please keep in mind that this is a BETA- it has not gone through all of the testing that the currently released version has. If you're currently able to login fine, there is no reason to download this. If you haven't been able to login, this is worth a shot.
You can download it here:

This really worked for me. The interface is a little strange and cluttered. I have not yet figured out how to actually insert an image into an existing post, for example. However, if one just creates a new post, then extracts the image URL out of it you can modify existing older posts to heart's content. An example of such meddling can be seen here


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