Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Notes of the Conspiracy Theorist

Does anyone think that google, and google mail, and now google desktop
search, is really a set of tools from a corporation that is a front
for some controversial DoD project? Let's consider the facts:

1. No Government project would be approved if it implied knowing what
people search for online, what websites they choose, what mail they
receive and send, and what files they have on their machines.

2. Google appears out of nowhere with a practically ready product and
now churns out software that many dozens of other companies have been
unable to produce for years.

3. Google has now, without scrutiny built the largest general purpose
distributed computer with tens of thousands of CPUs. Again, out of
nothing they build their own devices and call them appliances. Next thing we know they begin embedding them into humans and call them "embedded devices"

coincidence? I think not.


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