Friday, October 15, 2004

Network Attached J2EE Processing

Maybe I am late to this, but I have never heard of "Network Attached J2EE Processing". I was tipped off to it by this article in JDJ and got interested enough to check out the maker of the appliance - Azul Systems.

I have heard of XML hardware-based processing before, but never J2EE or .NET. The concept is not really farfetched. Come to think of it, I have been using VMWare software for a crude approximation of this approach. Running multiple VMWare Virtual Machines to create a slow, but large, lab environment out of only a few CPUs available to me. Azul is simply taking the next step and getting rid of VMWare.

If one wants to understand more of what Azul is trying to do it is worthwhile to read their product description. While it raises some questions in my head, there is no doubt that this is an interesting development which I am going to be following closely.


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