Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Merging drives without re-install (update)

More backup thoughts. At this point I have about 70-80GB worth of personal data to backup. That is about 100CDs. I like to put everything on at least 2 CDs, preferably 3. Clearly this is not going to be sustainable to do at once. If I wanted to backup 2GB a night it would take me 40 nights (!!!) - 1.5 months of creating 6-9CDs each evening. The time to break files up into CDs is about 10 minutes per CD for me. Time to write data to a CD is about 10 minutes all told. Moreover, given CD writing error rate at least some of these CDs will be less than perfect. After spending 1-2 hours a night, each night, for 1.5 months I am going to have an imperfect backup.

That's a pretty depressing thought.


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