Monday, October 18, 2004

Glowing essay on Google's future

Who needs to pay a PR firm, when analysts will do it for you for free. From Forrester research:

Google will marginalize other enterprise search players. As consumers adopt Google Desktop Search--and start using it at work--corporate IT managers will have less of a need to buy solutions that can search across corporate email and desktops. As a result, enterprise search providers like Autonomy and Verity will be relegated to searching secure corporate networks--and open the door for Google Search Appliance as a low-cost solution.

These are pretty strong words. I cannot help but think that exactly this kind of over-the-top praise built too much hype of amazon and eBay in their "teens" as well. Google is a great business, and the fact that in just a couple of years they managed to build an internet company with revenues over $1 billion is impressive indeed. Still, overhyping usually leads to expectations that cannot possibly be fulfilled, and I have yet to see a company that succeeded because, not despite, being hyped by the press.


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