Thursday, October 14, 2004

EMC continues its acquisitions binge

From eWeek:
EMC Corp. on Tuesday announced the acquisition of Dantz Development Corp., developers of the Retrospect family of backup and restore technology for the SMB (small to midsized business) market.

Dantz Retrospect provides backup and restore data protection for file servers, desktops, notebooks and business-critical applications. Customers include British Telecom, DaimlerChrysler, Motorola, Nortel, Pixar and Walt Disney.

A couple of years ago I owned a lot of their stock, and while I correctly despaired in ever seeing it fly as high as it did in 2000, I was also not sure whether EMC would even survive. But it has, and lately seems to be putting itself into an increasingly powerful position of a gatekeeper for a lot of structured and unstructured data out there. The management made shrewd moves, lowered the profile of the company and its often brash salespeople somewhat, and went on an acquisition run snapping up seemingly unrelated companies such as VMWare and Documentum. With the stated goal of being able to offer a complete "information lifecycle" suite of products - from hardware to software - EMC has now positioned itself to complete in that space with perhaps its only real competitor - IBM. Good for them. In the meantime, I am anxiously looking and waiting for their high-end products to make their way down into the mid-market.


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