Thursday, September 23, 2004

Syrian troops pull out of Lebanon

Syrian troops pull out of Lebanon

Should not that be a huge story? Israel has certainly complained about the silence of the world press on this situation. They had a point, compared to the outcry Israel's 1980's incursions received Syria's de facto occupation of Lebanon has been avoided by major media for some time now.

Why is Syria retreating? Are they looking to beef up defences against a possible US invasion? Are they bowing to some sort of pressure by US? EU? Is this part of some clandestine, or not so clandestine, deal to head of sanctions or farther deterioration of Syria/US relationship?

Perhaps no purely political foreign relations story can get any serious play in the US papers and media for long. No guts, no blood, no coverage.

ps. This is not to say Syria has not covered its actions in Lebanon with blood. But at least the withdrawal seems orderly, if quick.

perhaps the reason the story is not getting much play is my ignorance of history

BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) -- About 300 Syrian soldiers in a convoy of trucks and armored vehicles crossed the Lebanese border into Syria early Thursday, Lebanese security officials said.


The redeployment has been met with skepticism as Syria has withdrawn troops from Lebanon before and later replaced them. As with past redeployments, much of this week's movement appears to be a matter of rotating troops around Lebanon rather than withdrawing them.

from AP [free registration required]


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