Thursday, September 30, 2004

Short note while roaming around St.Petersburg

My blackberry works here. I really am not sure why, or how much it costs my company to have it working here, but it is yet another miracle of technology as far as I am concerned. More on that later.

I am sitting in a coffee house. Literally. That's the name of the place. It is a upscaly starbucks type of a place, with basically starbucks level of prices. Yet it is full. This aprticular one I ducked into to hide from drizzle and change the memory card in my camera is next door to the university [ed - later I found out it was the Finance-Economics Institute]. Very wierd. School just started, so you can still see freshman - larger groups, tentatively getting to know each other, and older world-weary (or so they think and pretend to act) sophomores and up.

Anyway, that's my note. Tea and cake is here and so I am gonna eat, drink, and continue my exploration of the city.

ps. a note sent to a friend while taking a tea break from roaming the city.


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