Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Flowers as speakers

Flowers as speakers

BBC reports

a gadget developed in Japan is allowing flowers to answer back - with music.

Called Ka-on, which means "flower sound" in Japanese, the gadget consists of a doughnut-shaped magnet and coil at the base of a vase.

It hooks up to a CD player, TV or stereo and relays sounds up through a plant's stem and out via the petals.

Pretty cool. Interestingly, I saw a description of such a device in a book just a week or so ago:

on Page 115:
"... intensive research and musings. Walking slowly, Erasmus went to his private sanctuary, a botanical garden where he listened to classical music piped through the cellular structures of plants. "Rhapsody in Blue," by a composer of Old Earth. In the contemplative garden, the troubled ..."

Amazon's "Search Inside" feature is quite useful for these pointless comparisons. Granted, the device currently availably is a bit more crude, but still, a fun recollection.


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