Monday, September 27, 2004

Flight Over

from here to there. almost. another one from Helsinki to St. Petersburg is still ahead.

Strangely, the Helsinki airport still has a couple of klunky internet-access kiosks and no wireless access. Perhaps Finns just do not want people to hang out the airport too much, given how most of the connections are within an hour or so.

An overwhelming number of my fellow JFK-Helsinki travelers were going on to either Warsaw or Riga. I imagine it is a common occurance as Latvian and Estonian newspapers were given out alongside English-language and Finnish ones. The overall flight experience becomes less and less exciting the more I fly. The 7 1/2 hours of flight time pass by quickly, but by the end of the journey my back is aching and so are my feet. At least Finnair rows are well-spaced, perhaps to accounting for the height of the Scandinavians, so when the person in front of me decided to lie down I was not put into extreme discomfort as I was on Delta and Continental a few times. The width of the seats seems smaller though. My shoulders were definitely out of my "air space" and kept getting bumped into both by my neighbor and the people walking the aisle. Oh well. It was a safe and uneventful flight, which is all one can hope for, really.

I am still very much amazed at both the foolhardiness of the human race and the ease with which we [humans] become fully trusting of things we neither understand nor control. There are two or more million parts that make up the plane. Pilots control a few of them. Passengers control none of the parts that matter. Yet, 200+ people piled into a tin can that would travel 4,500 miles at 33,000 feet for over 7 hours without too many second thoughts. Amazing.


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