Friday, September 17, 2004

Firefox ascendant

Firefox ascendant reports that

Web metrics suggest that the software giant's Internet Explorer has been losing a significant number of users in the past nine months to open-source browser Mozilla and its offspring, Firefox. The gains for the two browsers, which are both produced by the Mozilla Foundation, are most noticeable at Web sites popular among geek-chic early adopters.

I have been noticing it too, not only from the visitors to this site, but to my own domain and my company's as well. Of course, I am also one of the people who has switched from IE to Firefox version 0.8 a few months ago (ed - what does that make you? A middle-term early adopter?). Many of my friends switched either a little before or a bit later.

I am not sure whether it is the technological superiority of the Firefox browser, boredom with IE, or perception of better security that is driving the adoption. Of course, Microsoft made it somewhat easy by essentially letting IE become stagnant for a couple of years. Regardless - I am glad that some variety is coming to the browser statistics of the website near you.


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