Thursday, September 16, 2004

Blue skies & cloudscape

Blue skies & cloudscape

Warning: deeply geeky venting ahead
To make deployment faster and easier, IBM Websphere Portal ships with a Cloudscape database. It is used to store portal-related information and metadata. This is the short version of how to see inside a cloudscape database installed with the IBM Websphere Portal Server.

Assumed: IBM Websphere Portal 5.0.x running on Windows

prompt> cd $PORTAL_HOMEprompt>cd shared\app\cloudscape\bin

Cview will open up a java application and from there you can attempt to open your Portal cloudscape database located in the $PORTAL_HOME\cloudscape\wps50 directory.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because someday you will try to run the:
prompt>WPSconfig.bat enable-security-ldap
command and will run into an error like this:

[logmsg] 2004.09.16 17:25:30.652 action-update-database-wps-ldap
[logmsg] EJPC3068I Updating database "wps50"

[java] Could not connect to database
[java] SQL Exception: Failed to start database 'wps50', see the next except
ion for details.

file:../config/actions/db_cfg.xml:525: Java returned: 2

then you will be sorry, and you will research this topic, and perhaps even read this entry and save yourself some time.

ps. Why not just go to the Cloudscape main page and find the info that way? I am not sure, but Google did not point me there. Perhaps it will you, the reader, here.


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