Tuesday, August 10, 2004

On hiring great developers

On hiring great developers

It is always nice to see that you are not alone, or insane. In the essay below Eric Sink argues that great hackers do not always make the best developers, especially for small companies. Quibble with some of the points I may - disagree on the whole I cannot. Eric clearly knows what it is like to work for a small company, where every resource-minute counts and where you cannot afford to have picky developers who won't work with the tools you have or customers you need. An excerpt below:

We want the super-productivity, and we want the innate love of software development, but we don't want all the extra baggage. Instead:

Hire people who care about users.
Hire people who understand the difference between a job and a hobby.
Hire people who want to contribute in lots of different ways to the success of the product.
It's okay to be in awe of these great hackers. But as a practical matter, small ISVs would be much better off hiring professionals.

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[original reference from Joel on Software]


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