Friday, August 06, 2004

Good news from Iraq?

Good news from Iraq?

In the face of reports saying that,

U.S.-led coalition forces have killed about 300 militants loyal to Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr in fighting during the past two days around the city of Najaf, a U.S. military spokesman said by telephone from Baghdad.

it seems encouraging that fighting has been confined, so far, to US/Iraqi security forces engaging the Mahdi Army. Engaging, it seems, mostly on their own terms with only 2 or 3 US casualties. While procliaming defiance, it seems that al Sadr has been sufficiently scared and bloodied to sue for peace saying through his aides

Mr Sadr's aides called on the interim government to "intervene to stop the American attacks".

The interim government, however, knows very well when the luck is on their side. Seeing how little widespread following outside the few southern cities and Baghdad slums Sadr has, thy said

But the governor of Najaf province, Adnan al-Zorfi, on Friday urged the Mehdi militia to leave the area within 24 hours or face a continuing offensive.

"There is no compromise or room for another truce," he said.

Conclusion: it seems encouraging that this time the al Sadr has found even less general following than he did the first time. Thanks to the US Marine Corps.


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