Thursday, July 29, 2004

McKinsey Quarterly

McKinsey Quarterly

I subscribe to a newsletter from McKinsey that is infortmative and timely in the issues it covers. "Timely" is perhaps an overstatement - the topics covered are a reliable lagging indicator of issues people are wrestling with. It is not often you would see a topic that breaks new ground, but certainly a discussion on a topic begins well before the topic is splashed across Time or NewsWeek front pages.

Most McKinsey articles; however, are for premium subscribers - which is understandable but annoying. Why not emulate Salon and provide advertiser-sponsored Daily Passes? I can see why McKinsey does not want to just offer free registration-enabled readership. A lot of its allure as a firm is built on its reputation for exclusivity. But they are also a profit-desiring business. Why not subject people to advertisement each day if they want to read the articles. They can even make it a per-article requirement. Why not?


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