Friday, July 23, 2004

End of Week

End of Week

A prose entry

Another workweek is coming to a close. I have just deployed the latest version of the first module to deliver to our first customer to yet another portal server instance. It seems to work and I guess on Monday we are going to package it up as a WAR file and ship it off. After that we have about 3 weeks to finish up two other modules and start and finish a whole brand new one (and a half. There is always a bit of a module to do that does not quite fit anywhere.)

Off to start the rainy weekend, which is going to begin by having me scavenge through empty offices looking for a forgotten umbrella. It is pouring outside. The bus is going to be crowded and smelling like wet wool. Windows are going to fog up both from near 100% humidity on the outside, the condensate from the air-conditionioning inside the bus, and the cumulative breathalyzer exhaust of the few dozen people crammed into the bus. The bus, the bus, the bus.

Just so noone thinks the weekend is going to be bad, I should mention that we have plans, both morning and evening, and Monday is going to come just 5 minutes too early.

Have a good weekend everybody.


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