Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Yahoo Mail note

Yahoo Mail note

In response to pressure from the upcoming google mail service, Yahoo has upgraded its free mail service offerring to include a 100MB quota. That's nice. However, what I really like about the google mail (yes, I am a beta-tester) is not just the 1GB of space, but the serious improvements on the standard webmail interface that google has brought. Yahoo still does not have them, and perhaps does not understand why they are necessary. One hint: at the moment it takes me a full minute to load the front page on yahoo. Another hint: cut the graphics.

I am not even talking about keyboard shortcuts google supports, or message threading (which has issues) or smart addressing, etc. All in all, Yahoo mail is the same beast it was 4 years ago, with a somewhat bigger quota. Google mail is a step towards the next generation.


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