Friday, June 04, 2004

Interesting life-interest article

Interesting life-interest article

Across the Anacostia River, in her sparsely furnished apartment, a contestant from a previous Scripps National Spelling Bee -- 18-year-old Ashley White -- arrived home from her job as a salesclerk, having just picked up her 10-month-old daughter from day care. White was tired, the baby fussy. Out their window, buses growled by on Minnesota Avenue SE.

Five years after winning the D.C. bee and surviving several rounds of the national finals, White was warming pureed peas and remembering the achievement that won her a featured spot in the Oscar-nominated documentary "Spellbound."

Well-written and interesting article. On a slightly separate note:

"My original thought was that she at least needed mentors, women in D.C. who are doing things with their lives," Jones said. But when she finally met the girl she'd seen on the screen, the autumn after her graduation from the School Without Walls, much more than that was needed.

Almost a week ago I emailed my alma mater to tell them I might have a full-time and some internship positions available within my team. No one responded. And after that I am going to receive 4 or 5 emails every few months asking me whether I want to mentor or help recent graduates and current students. Argh.


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