Friday, June 18, 2004

From Slate Assessments: Milk

From Slate Assessments: Milk

This is a great, if at times hard to follow, article charting a short crash course in how America has related to Milk. I did not quite imagine one could write such an interesting article about Milk, and over it all in a couple of pages. Some memorable quotes:

In the 1980s, milk was so venerated that a sociologist in the New York Times linked a decrease in its consumption to the declining public faith in all institutions, from the church to the academy to the press to government.


A 1933 history of New York agriculture asserted, "A casual look at the races of people seems to show that those using much milk are the strongest physically and mentally, and the most enduring peoples of the world. Of all races, the Aryans seem have been the heaviest drinkers of milk and the greatest users of butter and cheese, a fact that may in part account for the quick and high development of this division of human beings."

completely worth a read.

read: [Milk - How a wholesome drink became a villain]


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