Friday, June 04, 2004

From AP News

From AP News

President Bush is on a European visit prior to celebrating the 60th anniversary of D-Day

Bush was marking the Allied liberation of Rome from its Nazi occupiers 60 years ago. A few hours before the march began, he met with Pope John Paul II, who vigorously opposed the invasion of Iraq. Bush meets Berlusconi on Saturday before heading to France.

"It's difficult to forget that the world would be different if 60 years ago, this great international alliance of forces hadn't formed against Nazism," said Romano Prodi, head of the European Commission and a center-left opposition leader.

But really, it is very easy:

But some protesters questioned whether Americans should still be called "liberators."

"Their credit was lost in Vietnam," said Mario Bucci, a 40-year-old waving a rainbow-colored peace flag.

I do not even know what that means. I do not know how credit for liberating Rome can be extinguished by another war on another continent. The real question, I guess, is whether someone like Mario Bucci would ever consider Americans liberators, in 1943, 1944, or 2004.


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