Thursday, May 27, 2004

Unfold Chair design competition

Unfold Chair design competition

from Gizmodo

Oh, this is fantastic. Apparently British designer Phil Nutley sent a letter to 9 designers in 9 cities with a challenge: within 90 days, build a chair that can be made for $200 or less that can support the weight of a person up to 200lbs. The catch? The chair had to be able to fit inside a FedEx box. What unfolds (oh ho ho) 90 days later at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair is captured in this video by City Magazine. I wish there were a page with just pictures of the projects, but watching the video as the producers try to figure out how to assemble some of the more obtuse designs is half the fun.

go to the original Gizmodo article for video, text, and photo links of the project.


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