Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Ebay Economy

Ebay Economy

Future Now (thanks for the link) links to a USA Today article on companies that are built around helping people and other companies make money off selling and buying on eBay.

EBay has become an immovable e-force in world business and culture. The value of items sold on eBay grew 60% last year and hit $24 billion — making it larger than the gross domestic products of Bulgaria or Jamaica. With that kind of commerce, it's no surprise that eBay is spawning schools of new companies that want to plug into it.

An interesting point buried in the middle of the article but pointed out by Future Now:

Perhaps more than any company, eBay knows what stuff is worth. It has data on what G.I. Joe action figures were going for in 1998 and what they were going for an hour ago.

Very interesting. I knew that there were some companies providing all sorts of eBay statistics. We even profiled one of them on this weblog a long time ago. However, it is nice to see small companies attaching themselves to eBay like remora to a shark.

I am sure these companies will soon diversify to deal not just with eBay but any auction place large enough or profitable enough to deal with. If brokerages can do it - why should not others?


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