Monday, May 10, 2004

Back from the conference

Back from the conference

So I am back from Chicago. I am not feeling very well. My allergies were soothed by Claritin but are something blooming in NY is not giving in to the powers of the drug industry. Thus I am feeling slightly nausiated and wooly-headed. My eyes hurt too. After a week of abscence the office keyboard seems harsh and unwelcoming to my ultra-sensitive fingers. On top of it all traffic to and from home has been not very kind.

On the bright side I have been tearing through Cryptonomicon - which I rather suggest you read as well. A decent thriller/mystery with a crypto-based plot. Any book that uses SSH and tunnelling in a reasonable way is rare enough to be read. Beware -- it is around 900 pages.

The Chicago conference has been somewhat disappointing. I got some stuff from it, as well as two IBM certifications (Portal Developer, Portal Admin), but did not get a good feelin gthat the IBM portal software is really up to snuff. I definitely feel like the momentum is beginning to shift from big monolithic software by IBM/MSFT to open-source stuff, where one can go crazy in a highly personal way rather than follow the IBM lead. :)


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