Tuesday, April 06, 2004

No Coalition?

No Coalition?

from Skirmishes in Iraq Kill 7 More U.S. Soldiers Since Weekend:

"Elsewhere in Iraq, fighting flared up between coalition troops and guerrillas. Italian troops clashed with Mr. Sadr's Mehdi Army militia, Reuters reported. Four Italian vehicles were set ablaze during the pre-dawn fighting and 12 Italian soldiers were injured, Reuters said.
Militants also clashed with British troops in Amara, Ukrainian troops in Kut and Polish troops south of Kerbala, the news agency said"

What other countries should we have in the coalition? Whenever the "no coalition" cry is raised what people mean is the absence of France and Germany. Just as a reminder, countries listed in the following article have more people (148m) than Germany and France (141m), Spain would put the coalition well over the top as would Italy (mentioned in this article but not as a fighting force)

1 populations taken from here


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