Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Job Opening

Job Opening

My company has a job opening and I thought I would post it here. Given the trickle of traffic on this site I doubt it would be useful to anyone, but perhaps one of the infrequent readers would know someone... I hurry to add that my employer has no participation, input or stance on any views, opinions, or items posted on this weblog

Job Description:


Required Skills

Responsibilities Include:

  • Installing and configuring the Websphere Suite on Win2k, Win2003, and Linux
  • Troubleshooting Platform based issues whose services include FTP components
  • Planning and Deployment of Applications into all environments (DEV, QA, and PROD)
  • Working with the development team to adhere to enterprise-wide development standards
  • Application/Platform Administrator
  • Senior WAS 5 administrator w/ Strong EJB and WAS application tuning experience.
  • Strong Messaging experience (Java Messaging Service/Websphere MQ Series)
  • Strong FTP experience
  • Strong understanding of WAS development standards
  • Database Knowledge (Sybase/Oracle)


  • Job Scheduler Experience
  • Domino 6.5.1
  • Experience in Installing and Configuring Websphere Portal
  • Development Skills

Please contact me at the email address listed on the top of the weblog. The position is in New York, NY, USA, and requires the legal permission to work for any american-based employer.


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