Monday, April 05, 2004

Every time...

Every time I think I say about a political blogger, "well, he is partisan, but at least he is honest with himself and his readers" I get disappointed. Joshua Marshal of the Talking Points Memo, who is usually excellent cannot help himself to take cheap shot. He writes,

The Associated Press on the...The Associated Press on the hyper-politicized Coalition Provisional Authority.

Dan Senor, a former press secretary for Spencer Abraham, the Michigan Republican who's now Energy Secretary, heads the office packed with former Bush campaign workers, political appointees and ex-Capitol Hill staffers.
One-third of the U.S. civilian workers in the press office have GOP ties, running an enterprise that critics see as an outpost of Bush's re-election effort with Iraq a top concern. Senor and others inside the coalition say they follow strict guidelines that steer clear of politics.

As the gibe around Baghdad has it, they don't call it the Republican Palace for nuthin'.

Aghm... Joshua, given how the country has voted, should not it be 49% or more who have GOP-ties? What is the point of this barb? Even the article you quote says with

"Is that a surprise? No. Would Democrats do it? Yes.

So what, pray tell is the story here? Is it because the AP report ends with,

"'s particularly noxious because people's lives are on the line."

Well, I agree with that sentiment. But it is not clear to me why it is not noxious to slam anyone with "GOP ties", although it is clear to me that trusting anything Talking Points mentions in the future should be trusted not to include the same type of spin it consantly accusses its opponents of.


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