Tuesday, April 20, 2004

BBC NEWS 'Naked sushi' restaurant fined:

RDK sent in this tidbit.

The Yamato Wind Village restaurant in Kunming city attempted to launch its "body sushi" dinner earlier this month, provoking lively local debate.

Chineses authories were not so amused:

authorities in China said the restaurant's actions violated women's rights, as well as laws on advertising and food sanitation.

They also said the women used to display the sushi were not suitably dressed for restaurant employees.

When confronted with advertisements for the sushi dinner, the people of Kunming seemed equally undecided.

Some "were indignant, claiming it is humiliating to women," the official China Daily newspaper reported at the time

and of course, there is always a but...

'But others were curious and tempted to have a try,' it added. "


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