Monday, March 29, 2004

Is it legal for Continental airlines to participate in Arab boycott of Israel?

from Volokh conspiracy

Continental Airlines Participating in Israel Boycott:
Date: March 26, 2004

Subject: Select Military Charters Requiring U.S. Passport Holders Only

From: Inflight Policies and Procedures

To: All Flight Attendants


All flight attendants operating military charters into select Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries must carry a valid U.S. passport. Additionally, U.S. passport holders with Israeli stamps in their passports are not permitted to operate these military charters. Non-compliance will result in crewmember removal.

The U.S. Military allows for any crewmember of Continental Airlines to operate a military charter, however each individual country has specific entry requirements to which we must adhere. Effective immediately, any crewmember operating a military charter to the below mentioned countries is required to be a U.S. passport holder with no Israeli stamp(s) in his/her passport. It is each crewmember’s responsibility to know to which country a charter operates when picking up a charter pairing. Passports will be verified at check-in. Any flight attendant who does not meet the aforementioned requirements will be removed from the pairing.

Sample of an Israeli Passport Stamp

Current countries/regions affected include, but are not limited to:



Saudi Arabia



Prior to operating any military charter, verify the following:

Your passport is valid and in your possession

Your APIS information is correct and current in CCS

You are a U.S. passport holder with no Israeli stamps in your passport, if your trip includes flights to any of the above countries

Compliance with the above guidelines is imperative in order to avoid delays, flight attendant removal, or possible flight attendant detainment in a foreign country. Please feel free to contact me at 713-324-1784 or VM 41784, should have any questions. Thank you.

On one hand -- what choice does Continental have? On the other hand... How can this not be a huge problem that is talked about all the time in media and Congress?


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