Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Putin Watches As Missile Launch Fails

Putin Watches As Missile Launch Fails

Putin, who is expected to easily win the presidential election March 14, went to the Barents Sea on board the giant Arkhangelsk submarine to observe maneuvers set to involve numerous missile launches and flights of strategic bombers.

But the ambitious exercise hit a snag when a ballistic missile a missile that is launched on a high-arch trajectory to hit a designated target failed to blast off as scheduled from another submarine, the Novomoskovsk, a government official said on condition of anonymity. The official said the automatic safety system blocked the launch for unspecified reasons.

I am glad the failsafe system works. I am worried about what would happen if the two missiles aimed at Kamchatka missed, and landed in Alaska? Japan?

On a different note - does US have a law or provision for similar failures to be announced? How do we know if our strategic missiles work any better?


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