Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I wanted this thing for years, I just did not know its name.

from Techdirt: More MiniPCs - But You Still Can't Buy One

Just last week we were talking about all those companies building very cool looking fully powered handheld computers that you couldn't buy, and now there's one more to add to the list. Paul Allen is backing a company called FlipStart, which is working on yet another different miniPC design. This one basically just looks like a laptop that has been shrunk down to a quarter of the size and fits in your palm. It definitely looks cool, but does anyone else remember that IBM sold machines that looked exactly like this in Japan years ago? At the time, the theory was that not enough people really wanted such a tiny PC in the US. Have times changed? In the meantime, this is yet another company that has announced a cool looking miniPC, but hasn't actually sold one yet. Will any of these products ever hit the market?

From The Guardian article referred to by Techdirt

Antelope is taking a different approach. The company is a spin-off from IBM's research into wearable computers and head-up displays for the military, and rather than a miniature notebook PC, it is producing a modular system. At the heart of it is the Antelope core; a 3in by 5in black box with a bronze top that looks like a giant version of the Crusoe chip inside it. This is a complete Windows XP PC with a custom connector on it. Plug it into the desktop dock and you get a PC with the standard complement of ports and sockets. When you're ready to leave your desk, pop it in your pocket or plug it into the rugged shell which has a 6in touch screen and cursor buttons, with a grip so you can use it in one hand (so it is ideal for engineers and field workers).

There are plans for other shells that will let you plug the core into a laptop or the dashboard of your car, but Antelope is hoping that companies will come up with their own shells, too.

Of the few companies described in that article Antelope seemed like the closest to my ideal. I also did not realize I can buy wireless network attached servers

a Network Attached Storage file server with built-in Wi-Fi (Sony and Linksys both have devices, though not yet for the UK market

I found this device from Vendotto, and could not find anything by linksys or sony.


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